Web Enabled Door Opener

Proposed by: Thilo @freaklikeme
Implementation: Rūdolfs @rudolfs


Connects our dumb door bell and opener with our local network, so if you are within the local network you can open the downstair doors by doing a GET request to http://door/letmein instead of getting up to push the open button next to our entance door.


To Build

  • Sparkfun Ethernet Pro to control the door via our LAN
  • Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout to load the firmware onto the Ethernet Pro board
  • an Opto-isolator aka optocoupler (4N35) to separate our control circuit from the device circuit.
  • a 100nF capacitor and a 400Ω resistor
  • wiring
  • 10m cable with 2 wires to get from the ethernet board to the door opener
  • Ethernet cable
  • A LED (optinal) to have a optical feedback when a control signal arives at the Opto-isolator


  • Bredboard to test circuit setup
  • wire clippers
  • digital multimeter to figure out where to put the wires onto the platine and checking wires in general
  • soldering iron
  • Arduio Software Enviroment to program the Ethernet board

Sourcecode for the Ethernet controller

3rd Party Tools

  • a browser bookmarklet


The disassembled door opener

Internal wire mod

Internal wire mod


Control cabel installation