Projects for CoHackDay #2 (January 21st, 2012)

Please use the following format:

Project title

Proposed by: Your name, contact info or @link
Description: a few sentences about what you plan to do, what tools/resources you'll need, links, pics, etc.

Window Monitoring

proposed by Dave
Description: Monitor the status of roof windows by using a microcontroller with an accelaration sensor and radio transmitter. I'll have some hardware and a toolchain ready to go avaible from my work at the university but obviously I'll have to bring it back:). It's the same hardware used in our Fighting Stick Demo.


proposed by Dave
Description: A little software project of mine from a while ago. It should be able to create and solve Sudokus in reasonable time as well as allow multiple players to compete for solving the same sudoku. We'll have brain support from a friend of mine who is a mathemagician :)

Bit Art Cutting Board Canceled

Proposed by: Thilo Utke, @freaklikeme
Description: Building your own bit art cutting board, like this See Details Page for more info.

New Layout for co.up

Proposed by: Thilo Utke, @freaklikeme
Description: Rethink the layout of the space within the structural constraints. See if everybody is a designer. We tried to do a redesign of the space a couple of times, although we collected great Ideas we never had a usable result. Maybe we tried too many things at once. So in this project I like to focus on the general layout of the space without talking about actual shapes and colors or lightning. I have no professional idea of design but like everybody else I can differentiate between a good and bad design when I see it, so I think the project is worthwhile.
Here is a inspirational video.
I will bring some tools and info and hope that people join and play around with ideas.


  • Measuring tape
  • Something to draw with
  • Something to mark


First discussed a lot with Pavlik how alternative economic systems can be employed in a coworking space and than try to apply them to wishes for co.up, still need to digest the inputs. After a Flora Mate my spirit was recharged and I started with the help of David, Lukas, Anika and Alex to try a new layout for one room. Learned that doing that on paper with the space blueprint was quite hard, so we moved right to using "Kreppband" to try out different configurations, it was a lot of fun but took quite a while, here are some results:, I want to present this idea to the rest of the coworkers to gather feedback and move to the next phase, design and colors.

Coworking Disco

Proposed by: Alexander Lang, @langalex
Description: I have a few Par LED lights that can be remote-controlled through DMX. The plan is to hook them up to an Arduino so you can then control the color via a web interface.

Additional ideas:
  • flash the lights when it's time for lunch
  • sync the brightness/color to the sun, i.e. turn them red slowly at sunset
  • use the whole thing as continuous integration notifier...


Tl;DR: Didn't work as planned but we found a workaround. Details


Proposed by: Lukas, @Overbryd
Description: In the manner of pushing the DIY mate recipes further, we'll try to find a good flavor that goes well with Berlin's winter. Caution: Alcohol may be involved.

UTF8 ✌ Symbol Selector written in MacRuby

Proposed by: Lukas, @Overbryd
Description: Select fancy UTF8 symbols with ease using this brand new MacRuby application. A system wide shortcut lets you search the symbol names and paste them to your clipboard. If you'd like to join me pair programming or designing the application, you are welcome!
My goal is to write the application in its initial version and submit it to the App Store during the CoHackDay.

TV-B-Gone for the Arduino

Proposed by: Anja, Marko, @ur5
Description: TV-B-Gone is a type of simple universal remote control device for turning off a large majority of the current available brands of television sets.

Es funktioniert!!!! in der verkaufsecke mit den vielen monitoren hats auch geklappt. haben uns nur nicht getraut da zu fotografieren...

Ken Shirriff ported the TV-B-Gone code to run on the Arduino board. We will bring two kits to assemble them at the hackday. See the device in action.

Getting Things Done "Corner"

Proposed by: Matteo, @matteoc
Description: this is really just a random thought or a rambling of some sort so please don't take this too seriously, besides I'm out of town so I won't make it on the 21st...
Provide basic tools of productivity (from pencil to eraser, labeler, stapler, letter briefs, paper clips, etc. but also digital GTD necessities such as battery charger, ipod connector, etc.) to the coworker so that he can find his standard GTD tools also while on the move in a standardized layout. An honour system should be in place to help the people "take one and add one" or "take one leave 50 cents".

Global "Coworking" Cafe

Proposed by: cataspanglish
Description: Discussion on taking coworking beyond physical space using Kfé Innovación as an example.
Need - a beamer

Projects from CoHackDay #1 (August 27-8th, 2011)

Yarn Throwie Mushroom Farm

Proposed by: Semi, @seemiramis
Description: I am currently using any given occasion to produce textile Throwies: Sewn, stuffed objects with magnets which are throwable to metallic surfaces in and out of reach. I would like to use the Hack Day to make a load of mushroom shaped throwies which can stay in and around co.up and serve as decoration, signage or whatever thinkable use they may have! Help wanted :)
Yarn Throwie example

Navegas Web Music Player

Proposed by: Lutz, @LutzVA
It´s already the most beautiful web music player -- lets add more web music sources, social nuances and hardcore C++! (Hiring/dating Co-Founders!)

DIY Club Mate

Proposed by: Lukas, @Overbryd
Description: Brew your own Club Mate. As seen here. Will be even better this time, with an improved recipe.

A web enabled door opener

Proposed by: Thilo @freaklikeme
Implementation: Rūdolfs @rudolfs
Description: Connect our dumb door bell and opener with our coworking web app.
So that I'm able to open it remotely. We might be able to open it, but we are not allowed to break it, so any modification must be reversable and should be reachable via wireless network. I'm happy for any help because I really don't have any experience with soldering and stuff :)

A check-in system based on keycards/RFID tags

Proposed by: Alex @langalex
Description: right now we use to check in people over the wifi, I want to add a system where people can check in by swiping a card

Graphical Chat System:

Proposed by: Rico, @RicoTweet
Description: I'm thinking about a interactive chatsystem, based on Node.Js and a HTML5 front End, based on Canvas. The front end could be done by this handy dandy library called paper.js
Right now I have nothing at hand, just some ideas how it could look like.

Bike Storage System

Proposed by: Matthias @matthiasjakel
Description: mainly in the summer time many coworkers are riding with bike to co.up. Often up to 5 bikes are staying in the floor between the both toilets. My idea was to find a good solution how we can store bikes. I had the idea to build a system with it you can store the bikes below the roof. my system could be easily scaled and at first I would install storage for 3 or 4 bikes.

required tools:

  1. a really big ladder
  2. power drill
  3. extension cable
  4. 30 meter thin but stable rope

Standing Desk

Proposed by: Alex @espylaub and @fabianmu
So, since working standing up seems to be rather popular, I'd like to build a proper standing desk so people can try working this way without piling books and boxes onto other desks. I'd like to base it on this design:

external image standUP.jpg

In addition, I'd like to make it somewhat height-adjustable. Making and releasing detailed instructions, plans and materials list is part of the project, as is a making of.

A Film

Proposed by: Alex @langalex
Description: I'm gonna bring my camera gear and make a film about the hack day. Ping me if you want to get involved/learn about film making/etc.

BitCoin Address Book

Proposed by: Mat @matholroyd
Description: One thing BitCoin sorely needs is a public address book, where people can link their BitCoin address to a Twitter handle, phone number, email address, domain name, etc. I'm already running a simple BitCoin exchange, in the process of setting up a simple BitCoin bank, and can see the need for a public address book.

Coworkers Polaroid Wall of Fame

Proposed by: Kriesse, Claudine
Description: We plan to build a huge magnetic blackboard that can be used not only as a place to have polaroids of all people visiting co.up, but also for collecting other old-school paper-based stuff like flyers etc.

Materials needed:

  • 4 boards of 100x100x5mm plywood
  • magnetic paint
  • school board paint
  • magnets
  • screws, washers, screw anchors
  • Polaroid cam + film